KARUNAS is a Ukrainian fashion brand with a unique history and values.

Its mission is to reveal the energy and true nature of each person.

The idea of ​​creating a brand appeared in 2020, when there was a pandemic and impersonality in everyday life.

Eco-leather overalls, atypical approaches to the usual fabrics and textures and the complete transformation of the usual cuts have become the hallmark of KARUNAS.

From the first days, KARUNAS was able to establish itself as a strong and independent Ukrainian brand with stable values ​​and principles.

The clothes of this brand are chosen by media personalities of Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

And according to them: «When you wear these clothes, you feel your true self for 100%».

  • So don’t need to look for your true self, you've already done this.Just choose KARUNAS — activate your energy!