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Karunas is a Ukranian fashion brand empowering women through a sharp contemporary aesthetic that champions a confident inner energy

The mission of our clothes is to reveal your energy and true essence.

We create clothes in which you feel like your true self from the first fitting.

After all, we understand: typical approaches are in the past, atypical textures and silhouettes are our future.

So that you will really feel 100% yourself in our clothing. Finally, you’ll have that feeling.

Each item of clothing is created exclusively on the territory of Ukraine by the best craftsmen in their field. We understand that quality is above all.

KARUNAS is looking for inspiration in women and their character.

We found the best shapes, fabrics and accessories that complement our ideas and implement them.

“Woman Atom” and “Woman Gift” are the result of our searches and discoveries.

  • Clothes that inspire. Clothes that reveal. Clothes that fill.